Monday, December 17, 2007

Broomball the pics!

Look at me all dressed in fleece and defending the goal! It's always so interesting to see pictures of myself. I love taking pictures and am often the person in the group with a camera but for once someone else was documenting the event so there are lots of great shots of me and everyone else. My first thought upon seeing the picture above was "My eye-makeup looks pretty good" others in the set got my negative self talk started but I was mostly able to head it off at the pass.

This one made me realize how really round my body is. I rarely look at it from this fact I'm not sure I ever saw my body from this perspective, but it doesn't look inherently bad. It certainly doesn't look like a fashion model's body, but it's kind of cute. And look at how active I look in that picture, not posed and careful of every lump and line. I'm moving, attending to the ball, ready to drop to my knees or sweep the ball away at any second. I don't see pictures like that of me very often either.

This one is harder for me to get over the negative self talk with. In this one it's my giant busthoomas that are giving me trouble. I'd just run down the bleechers from setting the self-timer on the camera and didn't have time to make an adjustment so I'm uncomfortable with how much flesh shows in this shot, but it's such a fun picture. Look at the silly grins on our faces. I know it's hard to look away from the boobs but trust me the rest of the picture is more interesting! We were all lit up with the energy of the playing the game and goofing around with the fake mustaches from our goody bags. It's just hard for me to see beyond the fact that my boobs are bigger than some of their heads. But I'm trying. This is a journey afterall. That is my body. My body that served me very well for the game and which does so many other wonderful things for me. I've got a couple of serious bruises and a few sore muscles, but overall it held up and allowed me to have the most fun I've had in weeks!

What do you think when you see pictures of yourself? If you have negative self-talk, how do you handle it?

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  1. Hi Kimocean! I saw a comment you wrote on Shapely Prose about not knowing the process of joining the YMCA in Los Angeles. I joined the one in North Hollywood last summer. I don't know if it's in the same "group" or whatever of the one that you would join. But here's what I did. I went in and said I wanted to join. They had me fill out a bunch of forms. They took a picture of me and then instantly printed it onto an ID card. After that, I was free to use the cardio machines (elliptical, treadmill, stairclimber), go swimming, or take any classes. There were a bunch of different handouts available in the lobby that explained all the various water classes, yoga, aerobics, dancing, etc. The only thing I couldn't do instantly was the weight machines, because they wanted to have a trainer show me how to use the "Fitlinx" system, which is basically just a mini computer attached to each weight machine that keeps track of how many reps you should do and how much weight you should use. So I made an appointment to meet with a trainer and hear about the computer system (which isn't very hard), and after that was over, I was on the loose at the Y. I hope this is helpful. If you want to, and if my spam-avoiding way of typing my email address isn't too crappy, you can email me at b i l z n e t s y at y a h o o . Yeah!